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Pour-Over Coffee $2.50

Iced Pour-Over Coffee $3.50

Texican Cocoa (Coffee, Swiss Miss) $3.00

C + E (Coke, Espresso) $4.00

1845 (Dr. Pepper, Espresso, Cream) $4.00

Oatte (Espresso, Foamed Oatmilk) $4.50

Iced Oatte (Espresso, Oatmilk) $4.00

Hammer of the Gods (Chicory, Espresso) $5.00

Halberd of the Swiss (Chicory, Espresso, Swiss Miss) $6.00


Hot Tea (Assorted Harney & Sons) $2.50

Iced Tea (Assorted Harney & Sons) $3.00

Wonka Tea (Chocolate Tea, Swiss Miss) $4.00

Chai Cocoa (Chai, Swiss Miss) $4.00


Coors Light $3.00

Yuengling $3.00

San Adam's Octoberfest $4.00

Lagunitas IPA $4.00

Dos Equis $4.00

High Noon Peach $5.00


Shandy Gaff (Yuengling, Ginger Ale) $4.00

Coketober Shandy (SA Octoberfest, Coke) $5.00

Oktober Shandy (SA Octoberfest, Ginger Ale) $5.00

The Rest

Bottled Water $1.00

Coke Products (Cans) $1.00

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate $2.00

*15% discount on coffee and tea drinks for students.

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